Toyota Winglet Lines-Up with Segway

As gas prices rise, more and more people are beginning to resort to scooters and personal mobility devices. Toyota apparently wanted a stake in this market and put their robotics team to work, the final design being a smaller and more agile version of the Segway.

Toyota named the device the "Winglet" and plans to offer 3 different sizes. According to Toyota it was designed as a "compact everyday transport tool" that will extend the range of the average person. A small base will be set between 2 wheels powered by a small electric motor. Sensors will keep track of your vertical angle and provide movement from that measurement, at the same time ensuring a stable ride.

The Winglet can be ordered in either a small, medium or large depending on the size of the person who will be using it. The medium and large sizes will feature a set of handlebars reaching to right below your chest, while the small version will have a set of padded grips that you hold between your knees. This has been dubbed "hands-free sporty."

The design is not yet complete, but Toyota is estimating a release date of 2010. They are currently working on prototypes for consumer trials and more extensive testing.

Source : MotorTrend
Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Can't we just walk... for once

looks cool, but I can walk faster than that...

Aug 12, 2008
by Anonymous

hm well at least

electric scooters for handicapped are really bad, they break easily, they can fall over if the slightest sidewalk edge or some other edge, even though they are supposedly made for the city use. Also other people also seems to easily manipulate buttons etc which is bad for the handicapped (there is supposed exist a metal "shield" that could be installed to pull over the buttons but not every handicapped person gets that from the peopel who should fix it. I'm tired of people thinking it's a great thing and a luxury, it's everything but. Sure it's better then nothing but it's hyped up to be something it's not, unless it's better in other countries. I don't like the envy from people either of something as bad as electric handicapped scooters can be.

Aug 13, 2008
by Anonymous

Scooters lol go ride a bike

Get a bike you lazy people ride to work!

Its cheap it dose not rely on fuel and you get fit, you dont just avoid traffic you overtake it =D what more could you want.
Its better for your health and the environment and its cheaper then everything Kyle Park is claiming about scooters.

thanks Kieran

also see for further information