Toyota's Supra Successor On Track for 2011 Delivery

For nearly 2 years now Toyota has been working on the FT-HS concept vehicle that was originally unwrapped at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show. Since then, it has been in and out of the spotlight without providing any real information about production or pricing or anything for that matter. Now, it seems as though the Supra successor is on track for a 2011 delivery.

The production version of the FT-HS was originally slated for production in 2009, but delays and a declining market brought progress to a standstill. Assuming it stays on track for 2011, you should expect to see 2 different engines being nestled under the hood. The first will be a traditional gasoline powered powerplant that should be putting down similar numbers to the 370Z.

The second option will most likely be the hybrid drive train currently being used on the Lexus GS450H. The 3.5 liter V6 mated to a high output electric motor should be good for somewhere in the 375-400 horsepower range. The jump in fuel economy over the traditional 3.5 liter powerplant won't hurt either.

If everything pans out the way Toyota is hoping, we could see a production model sometime early in 2010 with deliveries starting the next year.

7 Tune , Images via Auto Blog
Jun 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Id Rent & Own One

Love the 1990s Supra model, a must Classic.
But this is Way Cool,

Add Manumatic, AT, GPS, Bose sound system CD,
Im In.

Must for Rental markets alone, worldwide