Toys For Big Boys - Getting Steamed Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Big or small, boy or girl, some of us just have a fascination with motors and engines, and at, enthusiasts can find all of the toy steam engine action they're looking for.

It's certainly a niche market, but the site is large enough that there is obviously a significant amount of interest in such engines. This is not really a surprise - the model train market is huge and it's no wonder that people of a similar mindset would love to have their very own working model steam engine. doesn't disappoint and features some of the best miniature steam engines in the business from companies like Jensen and Mamod to PM Research and Steamco.

Take the Jensen #95-G Steam Turbine Mini Power plant as an example. Not only is it entirely metal but it can power their model 15 generator and lamp post and comes in as the world's smallest steam turbine driven AC power plant. With a brass and nickel boiler along with a stained wooden base and parts lovingly crafted for just this purpose, the #95-G is a hobbyists dream.

Mini Turbine: big power.Mini Turbine: big power. 

These engines don't run cheaply - a #95-G will cost almost $700, but they are unique in both form and function. Each is made to exacting specifications and the entire MiniSteam Web site is full of working models of all shapes and sizes, perfect for the younger child who is interested in power generation or the adult who has always had a fascination with the industry.

Source: MiniSteam