Toys For Cubicle Living – The DIY Hot Pepper Plant

Up until December 3rd, 2010, the pepper produced by this plant – Bhut Jolokia – was considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the hottest pepper in existence. Now, thanks to an even more scorching competitor, the DIY Hot Pepper Plant has been bumped down to #2.


Still, we’re talking 1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units here, enough to put your tongue and taste buds in serious danger should you choose to consume this pepper unwisely.


The Bhut Jolokia (also known as the Naga Jolokia) hails from northern Indiaand Bangladesh and has now been repurposed as a chili-in-a-can option for those who like it hot but would rather get it themselves.


In a can, you say? Why yes, yes indeed.


Each DIY Pepper comes in what looks very much like a small soda can. A grower need only pop the top, add water, and wait. Within only a few weeks, small sprouts will begin to grow, but actually getting a pepper from the potted soil will require quite a bit more time, care, and attention.

Hot peppers: now in do-it-yourself cans.Hot peppers: now in do-it-yourself cans.


Fortunately, the water and sunlight instructions are simple enough to follow and hard to screw up so long as you can find some sort of natural light to work with, and your efforts will be rewarded with a small, bright red chili pepper that has the real potential to be the last thing you ever taste.


DIY peppers sell for $4.99 a pop or $12.99 for a three pack if you’re into that kind of pain.


Sure, your cubicle is already painful enough and maybe you don’t want to make it worse by eating the world’s 2nd hottest pepper on your lunch break, but perhaps Bob in payroll fancies himself a tough guy.


Perhaps this will be the best day at the office ever.


Source: ThinkGeek

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