Toys For Nerdy Boys - The Ladies Of Star Wars Playing Cards

Every once in a while a sci-fi themed amusement comes along that is just too hilarious to pass up. Such is the case with the Ladies of Star Wars themed playing card deck.

Available at ThinkGeek, the Ladies of Star Wars playing cards are most definitely meant for an older crowd of men and boys who loved both the original and subsequently not-as-good movies by George Lucas. While the pictures on the cards remain firmly in the PG area, they are not so much for kids, or for actually playing cards with as they are for dedicated fanboy staring or for use in a very limited, very costume-esque themed poker game.

For less than $5, you can get a pack of 55 - that's right, 55 - cards, each with a unique image of one of the ladies of Star Wars. These ladies run the gamut from Princesses Leia and Amidala to...well...those other ladies in the Star Wars saga. We know that there are a few of them, but looking at the names listed along with the cards, we can't say that we've ever really heard their names mentioned a whole lot in general Star Wars discussion. 

Still, from what the reviews say the cards are of a good quality and the images are sharp and clear, enough so that those who have received them as gifts have quite enjoying their time spent looking at rather than playing with the cards. 

Star Wars: it's lady time!Star Wars: it's lady time! 

For us, the best part is in the description of the cards where they say that the cards are "perfect for any collection or for a women poker night". We're not sure if this means they're great for when women get together to play poker or for a night of poker in which women are the focus of the game rather than poker chips, but either way, we're fairly certain they're missing the mark here.

Still, if the Ladies of Star Wars are what you're seeking, along with a way to gamble with them by your side, this might be the cards you're looking for. Get them here.


Source: Cartamundi