The Tputh Is Out There: Social Media News For Techies

The social media explosion of the past few years has yielded all sorts of ways for surfers to find what's new, exciting, and relevant.  How do you discern what's important, and what's being talking about the most?  Tputh is trying to answer that question by offering a social media aggregator based on tech news.

The site has a bold and attractive design, with large fonts and bold letters adorning every headline.  On the left, you'll find tech news stories that are being talked about on every social network, so you know you're getting the most viral and relevant news of the day.  On the right, you'll see past stories, the masthead, and a random image to provide some food for thought or a quick laugh.  In short, Tputh is viral heaven.

The site is very smart about their content.  I like that they've made a point to scour through the countless tweets and shared links on a variety of networks to flesh out what is really important.  The site's staff also seems to have a very keen eye for what is relevant in the world of tech news and internet technology.  It's definitely a site that I will continue to go to for insight into what the internet is talking about currently.

With the great intelligent filter that Tputh provides, there comes a question: What is important to whom, and why is it so?  Aggregators like Tputh operate on the conditional basis that its editors have some kind of savvy as to what is worth reading on the internet.  Yet, some people may be looking for something completely different.  I found the site to be quite good in terms of finding relevant news.  What do you think?  Give Tputh a visit, and let us all know what you think about their judgment in the comments below.