T-Qualizer – One Bangin' Sound Activated Shirt

The T-Qualizer shirt is so much more than your average, everyday t-shirt.  Perfect for the musician, singer to be or music lover, this shirt has a built-in sound activated graphic equalizer panel.  Anytime there is music or ambient sound, the shirt comes to life.  You'll be the center of attention anytime you walk into a room with this bangin' shirt.  


The electro-luminescent panel flashes with the beat in yellow and red colors.  The sound frequency determines how the equalizer bars react.  A small removable battery pack, which requires 4 AAA batteries, is hidden in small interior pocket.  You can turn the shirt on or off with the on/off switch.  

T-Qualizer Battery PackT-Qualizer Battery Pack

The T-Qualizer is available in several different styles and comes in black or pink.  The shirt is available in four sizes, is 100 percent cotton and is hand-wash only.  It retails for $34.95.



Imagine wearing this shirt to a concert!  Even your shirt will be movin' and groovin'!   A shirt that lights up and beats to its own drummer!  Awesome, dude!

Source and Photos:  T-Qualizer and I Want One of Those

Mar 18, 2009
by Anonymous


If you enjoy long soulful conversations with latex-gloved TSA workers, be sure to wear this on your next flight.