Track Your Food Intake The Old Fashioned Way With The PicoPad


Are you trying to lose weight, but aren't really into all of the fitness and food tracking apps. Maybe you are old fashioned, an old soul, an old dog not wanting to learn new tricks or you just prefer the feel of a pen against paper as opposed to a keyboard or touchscreen. If any one of these are the case, you would certainly benefit from the PicoPad in your weight loss endeavor.

The PicoPad Food Journal fits in your wallet, comes with a mini pen and allows you to keep track of your food intake. Track your calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, Weight Watchers points and weight loss with this journal. Make it a habit and develop discipline. Analyze your eating habits and become aware of patterns and problem foods. 

PicoPad Food JournalPicoPad Food Journal

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that people who track their food intake tend to lose significantly more weight than those who don't. If weight loss is your goal, there is no reason not to track your food. Of course, if you are drawn more to technology, there are plenty of food tracking apps. However at $11, the PicoPad Food Journal is a handy, relatively inexpensive alternative to a food tracking app. Amazon offers the original PicoPad, but not the Food Journal, but you can check out the PicoPad site for more information. 

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