Track Somebody Worldwide With The Tracker Pro

Want to know where little Billy is going on his trip to Paris as you sit and sip coffee on your back porch in Florida?  If so, you may want to get one of these:

This is the Tracker Pro, a global tracking device that can be placed just about anywhere.  It's small enough to fit in a purse.  Essentially it's just a little GPS that sends coordinates in text message form to your cell phone.

Utilizing mapping software that you can purchase in most bookstores and some mega-stores, you can enter the text coordinates and find out where little Billy is.  Or just use Google Earth.

The size of the Tracker Pro (roughly 4 x 3 inches) and its ability to transmit worldwide makes this quite a unique little spy tool.  A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 72 hours of power.

Like it or not, there are kids out there that do... well, I'm not gonna candy-coat it... stupid things.  Monumentally stupid.  It's part of growing up.  I was lucky.  I didn't get really stupid until I got older.

I'm not a fan of spying on people.  I feel that trust has to be built, and placing a tracking device on somebody simply doesn't reinforce that idea.  But...

If your kid is getting in trouble a lot, this may be something worth looking into.  It's a bit pricey, however: $650.00.

Then there are the professional applications-which are quite obvious.  But again, when using something like the Tracker Pro to keep tabs on a bad guy (or an agent after the bad guy), you gotta worry about this:

You can read more about this little case of counter surveillance gear here.

For some reason I just thought about trying to put one of these things on a bear.  That would be quite difficult, I suspect.  And stupid.  I'm gonna blame that thought on the book I'm currently reading: Ice Hunt by James Rollins.  Lots of bears eating people.

Yeah... My mind works kind'a funny...

You can get your very own Tracker Pro at Amazon or  Advanced Intelligence Spy Shop
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