TrackR Is The Little Dongle To Locate Lost Items

One of the worst feelings in the world is losing your wallet or keys. You immediately begin to retrace your steps desperately trying to find your lost item. Trackr hopes to alleviate some of this stress by giving users a simple GPS tracking device that will help you recover your lost or stolen items.

The Trackr works in a couple of different ways. You can attach it to your keychain, or place it in your wallet.  You can also use double sided tape to attach in to the underside of your bike seat or place it on your dog's collar. Using the smart phone Trackr app, you can quickly ping the GPS and see a street view of where the Trackr was last picked up. Out of range? Trackr uses crowd-sourced GPS to "talk" with other Trackrs, essentially making your range infinite. The one issue that arises from this however, is users in small towns. In a city like San Francisco or New York the Trackr crowd sourcing will work fine, however travel to a town like Chatham, VA, and the chances of finding other Trackr users is slim.

But what if you lose your phone? The Trackr works both ways when dealing with your smart phone. Pushing the button on the Trackr will ping your phone, making it ring regardless if it is set to "silent" or not. This could prove especially helpful for hiker, or for those couches that like to eat phones and TV remotes. 


To get their crowd-sourced GPS strong before release, Trackr is currently giving away the GPS for free! Simply fill out the quick form and you will receive a boarding pass for your free tracker. You can also pre-order the device if you do not feel like taking your chances on a free one. With other GPS tracking devices on the market, it will be interesting to see if Trackr can gain the mass appeal necessary for their products to truly shine.


Source: Trackr

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