Tradition Meets Technology In The Dia Rug

The Dia Rug recently received the Red Dot award for best product design in the area of floor coverings, having already won the the Wallpaper* award for best textile in 2006. The design of the Dia is by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn, and it is based on Polish folk motifs; but the Dia Rug is an interesting blend of time honored tradition and modern technology.

Manufacture of the Dia Rug, taken on by the Polish design house, Moho, begins with a New Zealand long-fibered wool that is thick and elastic. The hearty wool is woven on looms and then felted using traditional Polish techniques.





But a new patented manufacturing process that involves gluing three layers of the woven felt rugs together gives the Dia Rug its strength and thickness under the sole of your shoe. And lasers, not blades, carry out the carvings of the intricate designs.




You can actually purchase one of these awesome Dia Rugs from IQMatics.


IQMatics via Just Seen.