Training Wheels For Paddleboarding: Probably Useful, Definitely Geeky

You know what's bound to get you slapped quicker than dropping in on the locals on the best wave of the day? Showing up to the local surfing haunt with a big paddleboard sporting training fins on the sides. Yeah, you're not getting too much respect on that day, brah.


Respect or no, you'll be able to get the hang of handling a big, heavy, unwieldy board on water with these new Wings from Coreban. Designed to offer you a 30 percent boost in stability and more confidence on the water, the wings attach to the back of your board where the fins ordinarily go. Simple remove the fins, plug them into the Wings, connect the Wings into the fin slots on the board and you're ready for a more steady paddle. 

I got to try stand-up paddleboarding for the first time last summer, and like the company reps were all too happy to point out, it was actually pretty easy to pick up. Surprising, since I fancy myself a bit of a clumsy mutt and the board was pretty huge compared to anything else I've ever taken on water--save for a boat. Of course, I was on a lake, and the Coreban Wings appear to be positioned at wave riding, so maybe they're more useful than I'm thinking.

Still, training wheels were pretty embarrassing when you were 5, I can't imagine pulling them back out now. If you're having that much trouble, you might get more props showing up to the swell on a body board. Or just sticking to the sand and the sun.  

Via: The GearCaster