Transform Your iPod into the Ultimate Handheld Gaming Console with These Gamepad Stickers

If you're an avid gamer then I'm sure you've encountered a plethora of games for your iPhone or iPod Touch that's a little bit hard to navigate with just flat, touchscreen controls. Have you ever played an action game or a shooter and reminisced just how much easier and better gameplay was if you had this game to play on your Game Boy or PlayStation Portable with the raised controls and buttons?

Well, now you can! The guys over at Donya must have heard your lamentations because they've come up with just the add-on for your iPhone and iPod Touch that can greatly improve and enhance your gaming experience: the Gamepad stickers.

So what exactly are these? Well, they're handy buttons and navigational controls that you can stick on the surface of your iPhone or iPod Touch when you're playing a game which requires such controls. Donya knows that there are a wide array of games available and that most of these will probably require different arrangements and configurations of the buttons, so they've included quite a variety in each Gamepad pack.

Run the game that you want to play, hit pause, and fit these stickers over the controls. Unpause, and voila: you have now transformed your device into one that resembles a portable gaming device which leaves no more room for wanting in terms of controls.

Quite the add-on, don't you think?

The Gamepad is available from Donya for ¥999 (or approximately $12).You can head on over to their site to check it out (but their page, obviously, is in Japanese): Shanghai Donya.