Transformers Tigatron and Jaguar USB Memory Flash Drives Guard Your Data


Transformers - you played with them as a kid, you've watched them on the big screen, and now you can use them to store your mission-critical data... or your exclusive pics of Megan Fox.

The Tigatron USB Memory Flash Drive, along with its stablemate Jaguar, are 2GB capacity thumb drives that thumb their animalistic noses at those who would walk away with your data. Plug 'em in, load 'em up, and watch 'em transform into robotic representations of themselves. Sitting on your desk in plain site, who'd ever think they were actual USB keys?

Both the Tigatron and Jaguar USB flash drives are compatible with USB1.1/USB2.0 interfaces. They work with most of the popular operating systems out there such as Windows Me/2000/Vista, Mac, and Linux. Rated at 110mA, they'll transfer data at a maximum speed of 480mbps.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Tigatron and the Jaguar USB flash drives are now  both available at Amazon  here


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