A Transforming Scooter

If you live in a crowded area, don't have far to go to work, or just like to ride them, scooter can be a lifesaver. However, their small size and light weight can can also make them prime targets for theft. The new XO Move Scooter was designed to deter such thefts and it may very well do that.

The idea behind the XO is to make it more secure when parked. To accomplish this, the operator can literally "fold" the XO into itself and lock it. Obviously, if they don't plan on driving it away, it won't do much except annoy them when they get it to wherever they are going, but most of the time if they have to think twice they won't go for it.




The XO can hold 2 people comfortably and can even be customized depending on the users needs. It can also adjust the wheel base and therefore the ride-height depending on speed and weight. This will ultimately make the scooter more stable on the road when there are 2 riders on-board.

HatTip : Yanko Design