Transparent Bathrooms All The Rage At Chinese College

Inviting friends over to your dorm room just got WAY more awkward! Students checking out the newly built double-occupancy rooms at Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering were shocked to discover the bathroom walls were made from transparent glass – a design feature intended to save electricity according to college administrators.

The school's see-through bathrooms became a hot topic once some students posted images of them on Sina Weibo, sparking debates on privacy issues among other things. The ensuing firestorm of criticism compelled the school to issue a statement explaining the transparent walls of the bathrooms in their new dorm rooms as an energy-saving feature. Presumably, students wouldn't need to turn on the bathroom lights as ambient room lighting would be sufficient for their needs.

The statement also chided complaining students, reminding them that the new rooms were "not luxury dormitories” but are intended to be “economical and practical student apartments”.

Even so, the school has announced they will be installing wallpaper over the glass bathroom walls to a height of 1.5 meters (4.92 ft). As can be seen by the example above, however, it's a faulty solution since standing females may still be exposed to roommates and visitors in the dorm's main room. (via CCTV News)