Transparent Aurora Watch Uses Laser Hands

The Aurora watch is about as stylish and understated as a watch can be. Unfortunately, for us watch lovers, it's also just the figment of a creative designer's imagination. At first glance, the watch appears either broken or useless as its clear face provides no indication of time. However, give a little tap to the bezel and you'll reveal a striking set of laser hands; blue is hours, red is minutes. Hours are marked with a series of lines around the bezel.

Aurora Watch ConceptAurora Watch Concept

This watch isn't really the most practical design, as deciphering the time from laser hands on a transparent watch face would be a little more difficult than your average timepiece. It would also limit your ability to tell the time should your hands be occupied and unable to tap the watch. But since when is function ever a concern when it comes to style?

Despite its impractical nature, I'd still love to own a watch like this. What do you think? Would you wear one?

Designed by Jihun Yeom.

Via: Yanko

Feb 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Watch mods needed

Dark cover to see Laser hands.
deflect sunlight so U can see hands.

Ideal for Late night use, in theatres etc.

NOT for dayuse unless under towel, etc to Read watch.

Problem 2 is cost for unit.

Mar 18, 2010
by Anonymous


I'd like to know where they sell these watches.