Transparent Face Masks Shut Out Germs, Show Off Smiles

Face masks are a common sight on Japanese streets, or to be more exact, on Japanese faces. Though Westerners may feel some unease if encountering a mask-wearing person in their home towns, face masks in Japan aren't harbingers of disease and illness. On the contrary, wearing a face mask is merely common courtesy extended to others who share an oft-crowded social milieu.

Masks aren't perfect, however, and though wearing one imparts certain advantages to both the wearer and those they meet face to face, mask use has its drawbacks including breathing discomfort, smeared makeup and sizing issues.

For retail salespersons, business people and career professionals, one can add a loss of personality that may hinder the establishment of a trusting relationship with potential customers, associates, clients and patients.

Prosperity Network, Inc has sought to address these issues while maintaining all the advantages mask-wearing provides. Their solution is Masclear, a transparent face mask that retains the germ-blocking power of traditional cloth masks while showing society something they've never seen before: the mask-wearer's face.

Masclear is available in two sizes (Small and Large) and is adjustable to fit the wearer's face. The masks are washable and reusable, and as Prosperity Network suggests, are an “Excellent Fashion” accessory.

Best of all, Masclear allows for the natural recognition of facial expressions so important in the establishment of interpersonal relationships. Of course, you might still talk out of the side of your mouth but with Masclear, everyone will know. (via Asiajin)