Transparent OLED Monitors Displayed in Japan

Several prominent electronics companies are using this year's FPD International show to showcase their new transparent display concepts. While the tech isn't the most practical out there--at least not for personal use--it certainly presents a little serving of wow. And isn't that what electronic expo shows are all about?


The first display comes from LG. The 15-inch display uses Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). What is usually the black part of the display is designed to be transparent, and the display uses transparent sealing and OLED material. The result is that you can see clean through to the wall behind it.

It took me a minute to figure out why the screen was so oddly shaped in the picture above. As you probably figured out, there's another display behind the transparent one being used to demonstrate the effect. Pretty sweet.

Not quite as impressive as LG's 15-inch model, but along the same lines, is a 2-inch display by Samsung. The display uses similar OLED technology, but can actually show an image on both sides of the display. Instead of a separate monitor, the manufacturer placed a mirror behind the display to demonstrate that the same image was visible from both sides. 

While these displays would certainly make a cool, if not necessary, addition to laptops, desktops and cell phones, the proposed use is for public advertising displays.  No word as to when or if the companies expect to send the technology to market. 

Nikkei via GadgetCrave