Transparent World: Moscow’s New Underwater Theater

For those who have always believed that Moscow was among other things landlocked, they may be in for a pleasant surprise with the imminent unveiling of a huge aquarium with glass underwater passages. Escape from slush pollution (and their synonym, politics) can now be realized via the transparent corridors and marvelous collection of different species of fish.


According to news sources , the new building will house a theater repertoire troupe that has been performing underwater in the pool of the Moscow sports complex, Olympian, since 2001. Until very recently, access to their closed-door events was by special invitation only. Some of the troupe’s incredible performances include productions based on the film, Once Upon a Time in America and the musical, Phantom of the Opera. These performances are given at a depth of 6 meters (about 19 feet) and last for about three minutes. Believe it or not, the actors hold their breaths during the shows.

The Moscow Ocean Park is a grandiose city project that will include an entertainment center, a shopping mall, a bowling center and a hotel. Located very close to the city center, the Moscow Ocean Park, which is the largest and deepest in all of Europe, will be over 12 meters (40 feet) deep. It will also contain some 6,000 sea creatures from all the seven seas, including 30 shark species housed in more than 10 million liters (2.2 million gallons) of water.

The Ocean Park is expected to draw more than four million people in its first year of operation. The aquarium will occupy two levels of a five-story complex. Included in the project are a lecture room, an auditorium and a café. Also part of the plans is the building of a scientific information center with a cinema for showing scientific and educational films. Work has not yet begun as the management of the zoo to which the territory belongs told the press:

“An old building stands there now and that is where a comfortable residence for the fish is to be built.”

Well, if you have been planning a trip to Moscow and are fond of fish, why not wait until this magnificent oceanarium is finished?

You may never go fishing again.