Transportable Solar Power to Solve Electric Vehicle Range Problems

Solar energy has slowly but steadily become the go to resource for electric vehicles that need some extra range. The only real problem with this is the slow speed and low amount of power an easily transportable panel suffers from. A new kind of portable charging station may solve both of these problems in no time flat.

The new piece of photovoltaic technology is called the SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go and made by SunPods. According to the company, these solar arrays are the first of their kind. That is, the first fully functional arrays able to be plugged directly into the grid and used during hours of peak usage or provide energy to an electric vehicle. The SP-300 was also designed to be able to move quickly and easily on a flat bed trailer, meaning they can be transported literally anyway they are needed and then moved when they are not.

Another very important aspect of this is the availability to homeowners. Currently, most photovoltaic arrays are connected directly to the building and will remain when the house is sold. This setup would allow a one-time purchase that could be taken with you if/when you had to pack-up and move.

The SP-300 also opens the doors for larger transportation vehicles. They could basically haul their own charging station and recharge whenever needed.

Expect to see the technology in full force within a year.


Nov 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Apps for

Emergency Power
Search & Rescue
Temporary Powerr
Backup Power
& also use Airlift for the PV arrays to any site.

Must produce this IE 200M alone.
Worldwide use.