Trap Door Toaster: Is Houdini In There?

What makes the Trap Door Toaster so unique?

Trap Door ToasterTrap Door Toaster
For some unknown reason, toasters seem to be redesigned more than any other kitchen appliance. The 1,400-watt Trap Door Toaster is no one-trick pony; it toasts and then, without further adieu, drops down the finished item, be it bagel or white bread, through a trapdoor and onto a serving tray. The drop down concept eliminates the eject process, which is kind of a power trip anyway on the part of the toasted or toastee (or whatever the correct term is for the one who eats the product of the toaster). There will be no more scalding of fingertips, which is a common occurrence with traditional toasters when impatient fingers attempt to lift the slices out from hot-to-handle slots.

What are some of the special features offered by Hammacher Schlemmer’s Trap Door Toaster ?

The Trap Door Toaster which is currently available from Hammacher Schlemmer for a magical $79.95 (not 80 dollars, mind you) weighs about 6 pounds and stands some 10 inches high. The Trap Door Toaster not only contains a 1,400-watt heating element, it also has a 6-position electronic browning control, internal cord storage and easily-cleaned stainless steel, removable trapdoor and black plastic housing.

Is the Trap Door Toaster something Houdini would have appreciated and wanted for his own kitchen?

That, my fellow magic lovers, can only be speculated, as the great master, Harry Houdini, has long since gone to his great magical reward. Is the Trap Door Toaster worth $79.95?

I don’t know.

How do you really feel about trap doors?

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