Trash the Getting Down and Dirty With Wedding Photography

As beautiful and sentimental as they may be, most wedding photographs follow a similar format that are timeless but not what you'd call unique. Trash the showcases the photos of the risk-taking bridal parties willing to throw caution (and their glamorous wardrobes) to the wind to capture a series of unique shots.












Trash the is primarily an advertising venue and directory for wedding-based businesses that use this fun twist to make themselves stand out from their competition. It also gives photographers who are well-established or beginning their artistic careers a gallery to display some of their finest work and recruit new clientele.













As you might infer from the name, the site strictly features bridal photography where the bride (groom, and wedding party, too in some cases) gets down and dirty in a location of her choosing, and pays no heed to the affects of the poses on her once ivory-white gown. The results of the photographs are far more alluring than the typical stand-and-pose wedding shots that even dominate my own album (and yours too, I'd bet).












And, as their website argues, why not trash the dress? Since you just got married, and plan on honoring your wedding vows, "to death to us part" and all that, you won't ever wear it again; assuming you wore a traditional gown. It's also unlikely that a daughter or other predecessor will either; so instead of stuffing it into a closest, never again to see the light of day, is there any reason not to have a little fun?

The Trash the Dress photos are beautiful, so many would probably agree that it's worth the sacrifice.

While the company's revenue may not come from their site's main focus; they've taken a fairly standard business concept and altered its focus to make their name, Trash the Dress, a memorable one in the industry.

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