Trashy Lingerie: Unexpected Underwear Made From Recycled Aluminum

The world's trashiest lingerie, by artist and designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, isn't what you think. But her designs are do include unexpected underwear, made from recycled aluminum cans and other recyclables. The trashy lingerie is surprisingly fashionable, but wearers should have a doctor remain on call to deliver a tetanus shot for inevitable, not so fashionable, injuries.

A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, artist Ingrid Goldbloom block doesn't focus strictly upon designing fashion pieces, but rather seeks out unique recyclable materials from hardwood stores and other locations to weave together into intricate and artistic designs. Her line of trashy lingerie consists of brief style panties, bustiers and bras which are made up of aluminum cans, rivets, dryer vents and gutter guards which are woven together to create the trashy fashion.

Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch's line of trashy panties has been dubbed "A Clean Pair For Every Day Of The Week" and have been featured in art shows and sustainable fashion demonstrations across the US and internationally. The trashy lingerie may not be practical for everyday wear, at least not without the risk of tetanus, but it sure is fashionable.

Via: Neatorama