Travel Companion Underwear Keeps Valuables Safe

When you are traveling it is important to protect your valuables -- cash, traveler;s checks, passport. For many years people have relied on money belts which are not always very comfortable. The Clever Travel Companion The Clever Travel Companion Men's UnderwearThe Clever Travel Companion Men's Underwearmay have just the thing for you -- undergarments with hidden pockets to keep those important necessities out of sight from pickpockets and any other would-be thieves.

Traveling for business or pleasure can come with enough hazards and difficulties without having your valuables disappear, whether through them being stolen, simply lost though mishap, or left behind in a forgetful moment.  It can leave you frustrated at best and stranded at worst.

The products have been designed by people who love to travel and have had their money stolen on occasion, so they know what other travelers are facing. They realized that even seasoned travelers can fall prey to pickpockets The Clever Travel Companion Women's UnderwearThe Clever Travel Companion Women's Underwearand thieves. While traveler's checks, credit cards, and passports can be replaced and are rarely the end of a trip, it is a huge, time-consuming hassle. This is time that you should be using to visit ancient ruins or shopping in a local bazaar.

To that end they created underwear with secret pockets to let you carry these important things tucked safely away right against your body comfortably.

The pockets have zippers for added security. Each garment is 95% cotton for easy comfort with a touch of Spandex thrown in. Underwear and t-shirts are available for both men and women and come in a variety of colors.

The Clever Travel Companion T-ShirtThe Clever Travel Companion T-Shirt

You can make your travels safer with The Clever Travel Companion keeping tabs on your valuables. Bon voyage!

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