Traveling Fire Trunk for those Chill Nights

Though not quite yet the colder seasons, fireplaces have been making the rounds on the design blogs these days, and one particularly kitschy little number is the 'fire trunk' by Atria.  "La Malle à Feu", or loosely translated 'Travel Trunk of Fire', can be toted wherever your heart desires and then opened wide to unveil dual bio-ethanol burners set against the mirrored backdrop of the lid. 

Unsuspecting in design, this one might easily be mistaken for a simple storage container, holding old quilts from Gran or other memorabilia.  Then, POW! the night sets ablaze in a fury with this peculiar conversation piece.  Also check out Travel Box and Flameo for a taste of Atria's other nifty blazing bio-ethanol devices.

Atria via Apartment Therapy