Treat Yourself To A Bit Of Rattlesnake Or Alligator

With the holidays here your heart and mind are probably fixated on food. All the traditional stuff is great, of course, but sometimes you want something different. Let me introduce you to Mountain America Jerky. This is a mail order company that will REALLY let you try something new and different. A can of rattlesnake or alligator meat would barely scratch the surface of their offerings.

Rattlesnake and Alligator MeatRattlesnake and Alligator Meat

The name of the company naturally means that the bulk of their business is done in jerky. Now you have probably had beef jerky, and maybe even turkey jerky, but it is time to expand your jerky horizons and go wild. Literally. Aside from your standard beef and turkey jerky you can turn you taste toward elk, buffalo, and elk.

Mountain America Jerky Sample PackMountain America Jerky Sample Pack

Other exotic jerkys sold by this company include wild boar, alligator, yak, duck, and kangaroo. They also head out into the water and get tuna jerky, trout jerky, and several flavors of salmon jerky. If you are not into meat the company even offers a couple of vegetarian selections -- hickory-smoked cheese and hickory-smoked pistachios. As mentioned before you can buy a can of rattlesnake meat or a can of Louisiana Cajun Alligator.

Jerky MemeJerky Meme

The company slices, marinates, smokes, and packs all of its jerky right on their site in small, artisanal batches to help keep the quality high and flavor at its best. None of the meat contains steroids, hormones, or growth products. There are also no fillers, binders, preservatives, MSG, or nitrites added anywhere in the process. So you can be assured of a healthy and wholesome snack.

Salmon JerkySalmon Jerky

This isn't your skinny mini jerky either. These are thick, meaty, chewy, and somewhat moist. It is just the thing for taking along while hiking or biking, a long day on the boat, or just a little extra protein to get you through a tough day on the job. It is a low carb snack for dieters. You can also look at it this way -- it is the perfect gift for someone who "has everything" including an adventurous spirit. Gift packs are available.

With a wide selection like this I am still surprised that they don't offer Rocky Mountain Oysters in some way. After all, the company is located in Denver. For their next jerky I think they should go for ostrich, or maybe caribou. How about a good moose jerky?

To check out these products and the Mountain America Jerky website, click here.