Trebimbi Puppet Cutlery Set

The Trebimbi Puppet Cutlery set is just perfect for children who are in that "in-between" stage - too old for baby utensils but not quite old enough for adult cutlery. The adorable set includes a spoon, fork and knife. All are made out of stainless steel and the easy-to-hold handles are made out of  a comfy polypropylene.

 Trebimbi Puppet CutleryTrebimbi Puppet Cutlery

Made in Italy, the Trebimbi Puppet Cutlery set comes in a variety of cool colors including red, orange, green, yellow, sky blue and a mixture of colors. Dishwasher safe, the three pieces actually snap together for easy storage.   And even better, a happy face is included on each utensil's "face."

Trebimbi Puppet CutleryTrebimbi Puppet Cutlery
Designed by Rivadossi Sandro, the adorable three-piece set is recommended for children 2 to 6 and retails for under $25.

Source and Photos: Amazon and Trebimbi

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