No Need To Chop Down the Cherry Tree...Turn It Into Tree Art

Bald Eagle - Carved from Elm TreeBald Eagle - Carved from Elm Tree

Have an unsightly old tree in your backyard? Make a carving out of it! Artist Bruce Hebert creates cool carvings out of trees. 

Giraffe - Carved from 7 ft. Tall Ash TreeGiraffe - Carved from 7 ft. Tall Ash Tree

Being a part-time artist for over twenty-five years, Bruce switched from many different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, oils, silkscreen and so on. He just couldn’t find a medium that he wanted to commit to.

One day, he started up a 40-pound chainsaw and stood on a makeshift platform. He said that’s when things just came to him.

Bud - Carved from White Pine TreeBud - Carved from White Pine Tree

He describes the first time he picked up that chainsaw and starting it as “fending off a pit bull.” He could barely pick up the saw and wondered what he was actually doing there. He had been carving a tree for his brother in Nova Scotia and if it hadn’t been for that, he might have quit and never gone back.

Carpenter - Carved from Elm TreeCarpenter - Carved from Elm Tree

Fathers of Confederation - Carved from 21 ft Elm TreeFathers of Confederation - Carved from 21 ft Elm Tree

Great Blue Heron - Carved from Elm TreeGreat Blue Heron - Carved from Elm Tree

Pineapple - Carved from Elm TreePineapple - Carved from Elm Tree

Poodles - Carved from Maple TreePoodles - Carved from Maple Tree

Soldier - Carved from White Oak TreeSoldier - Carved from White Oak Tree

Victorian Girl - Carved from Elm TreeVictorian Girl - Carved from Elm Tree

This artist definitely has some talent…and guts too! I don’t know if I’d be able to turn on a chainsaw, much less make a tree carving with one. I’ll tell you a little secret. I’m kind of deathly afraid of chainsaws. Whenever I go into a scary haunted house during Halloween, I want to faint when I’m being chased by one. But shhh…that’s our little secret.

Check out more of Bruce Hebert’s awesome artwork at his website.  

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Aug 20, 2008
by Anonymous

I love

the birds and dogs and giraffe. The best :) like the rest too