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7 Adult Trikes, From Tame To Game For Anything

How about a trike ride? An adult trike ride.  Trikes provide a more relaxing ride than bikes, and if you get a recumbent trike, it's less stressful on your joints and your back than a bike.  Either way, the trike's the trip right now.

Of course, like bicycles, trikes are available in all price ranges.  Here are a wide range of trike styles with price ranges from about $250 to $5000 for you to peruse.


1.  Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Remember your first bike? Mine just happened to be a Schwinn, so this one really hit me in the memory.  Happy to see, though, that instead of training wheels, this one has two nice big balancing wheels in the rear. And guys, there's no bar on the trikes, so you don't have to worry about hitting yourself on it.  In blue and black cherry (yum). You can find this bike on Amazon here.


Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch TrikeSchwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch Trike


2. Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

Reviews are high on this trike, which has an extra wide seat, suspension cushions, adjustable handlebars, and is foldable for travel! You can find this bike on Amazon here.


Westport Adult Folding TricycleWestport Adult Folding Tricycle


3. Currie Technologies iZIP Tricruiser Electric Tricycle (24-Inch Wheels)

If you want something a little more zippy than a conventional trike, here's an electric trike that will let you zip around for 20 miles without even pedaling.  It's got a 450-watt DC Earth magnet motor and an SLA-type 36-volt rechargeable battery, which makes it clean and mean at a high of 15 mph!

 iZip Tricruiser Electric TrikeiZip Tricruiser Electric Trike


Recumbent trikes are really cool and comfortable to ride; the only problem is that they are short!  But... it's only an obstacle to sitting down and getting up... gracefully.


4.  Triton Pro Cruiser Recumbent Trike

Here's a recumbent trike that is just made for exercise and fun.  Made for adults, the trike accommodates persons up to 6"3" and 250 pounds. The Triton Pro Cruiser boasts a unique steering system, safety, and low maintenance. Also available in other colors.


Triton Pro Cruiser Recumbent TrikeTriton Pro Cruiser Recumbent Trike



5. TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike

With 27 gears and a chromoly steel frame, this trike is perfect for touring.  Pack your tent and camping gear in an optional side pocket. You can see a variety of trikes available here.


TerraTrike Tour Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike


TerraTrike Tour Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike


6. TerraTrike Tandem Recumbent Trike

Be inseparable! This lovely Tandem allows one or both of you to pedal, so if you get tired, there's always him.  The frame separates into two pieces for transport.


TerraTrike Tandem Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike Tandem Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Tandem Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike Tandem Recumbent Trike


7.  TerraTrike Edge Recumbent Trike

If price is no object ($4500) and you like to race,  the Edge comes as close to a Formula One race car "as you can get in a human powered vehicle."


TerraTrike Edge Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike Edge Recumbent Trike



TerraTrike Edge Trike RaceTerraTrike Edge Trike Race


See you on the trike trails! (For recumbent trike vocabulary, check out RBR.)

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Mar 17, 2010
by Anonymous


Thanks for linking to our glossary! Glad you found it a worthwhile resource.

Travis @ RBR

Mar 17, 2010
by Boomer Babe

You're welcome!

I was surprised, but happy, to find your site.  It's very useful to know the lingo!