TrendHunter's Top 10 Eco Trends of November

#3 "Topeak Bikamper" Portable Shelter

Using the bike's handle bars as a support beam rather than traditional tent poles, the Topeak Bikamper doubles as both a compact, lightweight tent and a fully functional bicycle.  With options of either a 26" mountain bike or a 700c road bike, cycling and camping enthusiasts will be satisfied with its versatility. 

#2 "Floating Studio Flat" House Boat

The Floating Studio Flat by WaterSpace, who is normally responsible for "floating offices,"  is a one-bedroom studio apartment intended for use on inland waterways.  Including a wet room, kitchen, bedroom, and sun deck, this new take on the age-old house boat offers a variety of floor plans and amenities.  Eco-friendly options include solar-panels and wind turbines.

#1 "MEKA ALP320" Mini Homes

In the heart of New York City's West Village lies a MEKA ALP320, a 320 square foot home made of shipping container and 70% recycled materials.  Designers Christos Marcopoulous and Jason Halter included natural bamboo and cedar stripping for this "miniature urban abode." 

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Amanda Hinski
Environmental Innovations Blogger

Nov 29, 2010
by Anonymous

I favor these Eco trends

Bubble Tents, Cabins, Huts
Biome supercar
Floating studio home BUT need improved hull stability for lake use.

All Unique

Like to see more Undersea sculpture gardens in Hawaii esp.

Nov 30, 2010
by Amanda Hinski
Amanda Hinski's picture


Glad you enjoyed them.  I loved the undersea sculptures too... Hawaii would be a great location for them!