Trendiest Vending Machine Of 2009: Yo! Naturals

If you don't know that healthy foods and organic eating are in, you must be living under a rock. As a result, it's no surprise how rapidly the industry has grown over the past years; and since vending machines seem to be entering the forces of many niche markets, companies like Yo! Naturals', YoZone vending machine are popping up which combine convenience with eating trends.










YoZone specializes in locating and dispensing snacks and meal foods that meet the needs of the health conscious, by ensuring that products contain few preservatives and dyes and are organically produced. The vending machines use an HP refrigeration system, which can be configured with NAMA health and safety controls that ensures that the organic milks, spritzers, energy drinks, iced tea, coffees, and fruit juices remain at optimal drinking temperature. Other snack items include nutrition and protein bars, cookies, chips and crackers and dried fruit and nuts. Its vending services are available 24/7 and take cash, credit or debit, so you don't have to scramble for change when you need an energy boost.

YoZone vending machines are looking for investors to sponsor the growth of their healthy convenience options. Potential operators can choose from 4 packages, granting them ownership of 5 to 20 vending machines, which come with remote monitoring software for easy inventory and cash flow management. Contact Yo! Naturals directly to learn how you can join part of the team, but be sure to have your checkbook ready; because while "discounts" are available if you choose to take on multiple machines, it's going to cost you if you want to turn a profit!










Yo! Naturals also offers a Healthy Matters school program for institutions that have introduced their vending machines into the environment. The program is geared towards increasing students' awareness of healthy nutritional habits, and introducing them to great snack options.

Yo! Naturals may not have the gimmicks that come with some unique vending machines; but who needs them, when instead they can offer healthy alternatives to traditional convenience snacking?