Spills Become Fashionable with Agua vaª T-shirt

Living with kids 24x7 sees my style quotient take a backseat. In fact I thank my stars if I can get through half a day without food stains, juice spills and water marks all over my clothes.

The agua vaª t-shirt takes the water spill on the t-shirt to a new level, transforming it to high fashion in the bargain.

An out-of-the-box idea by Spanish designer missmoustache the t-shirt disguises water spills as part of the design.

The agua vaª t-shirt features an upside down water bottle without its cap, making the wet stains you get on a t-shirt a natural part of the design.

Creative, innovative, ingenious, and soooo cool.

I can safely say that here is a new trend that shows shabbily and messily dressed outfits as a designer statement.









Great idea combined with simple execution make this t-shirt perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about how they look.