Trendy Or Unnecessary? Pre-Dirtied Shoes From Golden Goose

The pre-worn in look is in style today, from ripped jeans, to shredded jeans, to clothing that looks like it's gotten into a terrible fight with bleach and lost. But there's one trend that I'm not sure I'm sold on.

Golden Goose Dirty SneakersGolden Goose Dirty Sneakers

Golden Goose has released a line of pre-dirtied sneakers. They're white, and they come with existing scuffs and grime. I do get it to some degree, because wearing glaringly white sneakers out of the house for the first time can feel a little bit too virginal...but after 5 minutes of wearing white shoes they'll be dirty anyways, so who needs to pay someone to have it come pre-done?  Apparently, many don't feel the same way, because they're currently out of stock.