Trendy Sex Industry: Surrogate Sex Workers Address Sexual Dysfunction

If you thought that surrogate motherhood was about as personal as it gets when it comes to lending your body to another person, think again, because there's another surrogacy trend that isn't exactly comparable, but also involves the most intimate parts of the body. Unlike surrogate motherhood, this either type of surrogacy is considered a form of therapy.

Surrogate SexSurrogate Sex

What I'm referring to is a new trend for treating men who have sexual dysfunction, which usually derive from psychological and not physical issues. It's a large industry of people who consider themselves surrogate sex workers, most of them appear to work independently, since try as I might I can't seem to find an agency that sends out people who specialize in surrogate sex (possibly because that might cross the line into prostitution). For a hefty hourly cost, surrogate sex workers will engage in sexual activity with their clients in order to get to the root of their client's sexual issues; helping them overcome them no matter what it takes.

The surrogate sex industry seems to be growing, but maybe that's just because more surrogate sex workers are really prostitutes who once caught, have found a great excuse that seems to work within the confines of the law.

Via: NYMag

Oct 6, 2009
by Chris Weiss


Never heard of that before. Sounds like a great way for adulterous men to work around the system--"I need to treat my underlying psychological issues, honey! I'll see you in the morning!"

Oct 6, 2009
by Anonymous


It can:

Save marriages
Deter divorce
OR enhance "playing around"

but are rates= to those of "hookers".

& If Legal, why NO discreet ads for clients?

Id rather have this service then seeing some "shrink" & taking pills.

Am I uptight about sex, if so why & etc, & surrogate could find out.

Problems with service:

Hookers enter into Service
Still hooking vs meeting client Psych needs
Finding sexual & Psych trained surrogate workers
Pay rates, Fee rates
Local law
Excuse for "playing around" IF married.
Bad surrogates, Bad training
Poor training for role.

But maybe Needed.

Oct 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Very interesting, never

Very interesting, never heard of this before and where are these surrogates found??