Trendy & Tasteful: The Top 5 Trendsetting Cruelty Free Taxidermy Inventions

The popular decorative trend of displaying beautiful taxidermy animals throughout the home hasn’t slowed in 2013. Although exhibiting artistically reclaimed animal skins in realistic poses is an impressive sight that many fans of the natural world appreciate, others are put off by the fact that the attractive gnu or moose on the wall was once a living creature, as well as the high price tag for a well-made piece. Inventors were quick to jump at the chance to get a piece of the taxidermy décor craze by creating stunningly impressive one-of-a-kind animal-inspired inventions that are guaranteed to be completely cruelty free. My top five animal-free taxidermy innovations are:

5. Bicycle Taxidermy

UK-based designer Regan Appleton’s Bicycle Taxidermy is the least natural of the bunch, but his idea has the potential to be the most sentimental for its owner. If your favorite bike bites the dust, memorialize your pedal-powered pal by mounting its uniquely shaped handlebars onto an oak plaque. The stainless steel epitaph that lists your late ride’s model, name and a line of your choosing to commemorate the trusty bike’s time with you.

Whether your beast of a bike was taken before its time by rust, a rogue car or your own erroneous driving, transforming it into Bicycle Taxidermy art makes for both a humble memorial and an interesting conversation piece.

4. Adhesive Taxidermy


This popular line of easily re-stickable wall art features a huge variety of photo realistic animal mounts and skulls. What makes these large wall decals especially cool is how easily they are placed and removed from walls. While the majority of these animals would be astronomically expensive as traditional taxidermy, (Bison, Bear, Lion, etc.), the expansive collection is fairly affordable. My two favorites Adhesive Taxidermy decals are the realistic rhino and warthog decals- Look at that detail!

3. Streamline NYC


The creative team at Streamline NYC made Attack Plaques to be pretty close to old-fashioned taxidermy, but with a ferocious twist. These huge wall mounted pieces are hand painted solid resin creatures, (including a shark, black bear and a T-Rex!), that look incredible in person. I would know, as I have the Attack Plaque Crocodile hanging in my bathroom! I’ve never had more compliments on any individual piece in my home than the crocodile that looks people in the eye as they wash their hands…

2. Cardboard Safari


Since these animal trophies are made from recycled cardboard that has been precisely cut with a laser, you’ll have to assemble your “hunt” before you can mount your prize above the mantle. One of the most charming things about the Cardboard Safari line of taxidermy is how each piece’s size and color can be pre-chosen to suit your room. For example, Fred the moose is available in three sizes and in your choice cardboard color of white or brown. At the very least, putting together these super stylized trophies will give you the experience of working like a “real” taxidermist!

1.    Bone Clones



Whether you’re going for the “museum” or “mad scientist’s lab” look, Bone Clones has the widest range of visually distinct animal skull replicas on the market for your display and scientific needs. Bone Clones’ replicas are casts of original skeletal pieces that are made from original material that looks just like the real thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a smaller piece such as a macaw or lemur skull, conventional, like an alligator snapping turtle or horse, or perhaps something huge and intimidating, like a hippo or Smilodon, Bone Clones has you covered!


Which one of these creative creature solutions is your favorite faux taxidermy? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!