Trendy Tween DIY Fashion With EST Today Design Studio

Tween Fashion today is taking off; little girls just don't dress like little girls anymore, since many are preparing for the daily fashion show that takes place at school. Now, tween fashion lovers can do more than just shop for their favorite tween fashion; they can design their own clothing with EST Today Design Studio.

Currently, EST Today Design Studio Beta allows tweens to create their own fashion t-shirts. Tween fashion lovers can select the color and cut of the garment, add a background design; accents, including fun crystal decals; and the logo design of their choice. EST Today Design Studio Beta uses a fashion design for dummies method, so it's easy for tweens to design their own clothing. The beta application uses a simple drag-and-drop format, and uses colored boxes to give tweens a choice of where they'd like to see each selection on their t-shirt.

Being a tween fashion designer with EST Today Design Studios doesn't come cheap; the price for a plain, undesigned fashion t-shirt starts at $16 USD and increases with each addition graphic or crystal added to the design. The end result for my own tween fashion piece, was around $40 USD for one graphic, 2 crystal embellishments and a logo. Costs may be steep, but EST Today Design does also allow tweens to display their designs on their own, online fashion runways. Tweens are able to share their designed pieces with other users of the site for purchase or feedback.

EST Today Design carries a complete design of tween fashion that wasn't designed by the demographic. For a slightly more reasonable price tweens can dress themselves in party gear, mall clothes, sporty cool, trendy knit or just cool fashion items and resemble mini-me's of their teenage siblings or fashion forward parents.

Apr 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Threadbanger and ETSY

There are quite a few DIY design and fashion shops/networks cropping up now as a result of the green movement (shipping takes its toll on the earth) and the want and need to save money and supplies. I love etsy - which allows crafters to sell their handmade merchandise and also - which serves as a community for designers and crafters and also releases how-to's and episodes each week based on the DIY idea. There are tons more, as well!