Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player: Crank up the Power with Built-in Hand Crank!

Is it possible to have a device which is a music player, video player, FM radio, photo viewer, voice recorder, a flashlight, and at the same time runs without the need of a battery charger?

The Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player gives you all of these features, and it never needs to be plugged into the wall to be charged up. This portable media player is powered by a built-in crank on the back of the device, which recharges the unit when the user cranks it up. The company claims that 1 minute of cranking will deliver a solid 40 minutes of audio playback. By the way, you can also recharge the device via USB connection in case the crank novelty doesn't float your boat.

Trevor Baylis Eco MP3 Player: Crank it up to recharge the batteryTrevor Baylis Eco MP3 Player: Crank it up to recharge the battery

This Eco-friendly media player will play a variety of audio formats including: MP3, WAV, WMA, and ogg Vorbis. The compatible video formats include: ASF, ASV, AVI, WMV, and MPEG. The manufacturer claims an estimated 20 hours of audio playback on a full charge. That's a lot of cranking, but in situations where electricity is absent, it's very convienant.

This media player is aimed at the hardcore outdoorsman, campers, survivalists, and even the Amish communities (although they may have trouble actually getting the songs into the device without the use of a computer!). The device has only 2 GB of flash memory, which will hold approximately 500 songs. There is an SD card slot on this device, which gives the user a lot more memory for videos, photos, and audio. The full color LCD screen is 1.8 inches in size, and the device itself is a chunky 4.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches high by 1.25 inches deep.

Aside from the cranking mechanism built into this Eco media player, the coolest feature of this device is that you can charge your cell phone through this device. This feature works by connecting the included cell phone charging cord from the media player to your cell phone, and then cranking it. You can get an estimated 2 minutes of talk time for every 1 minute of cranking. This feature could be very useful in survival situations.

Trevor Baylis Media playerTrevor Baylis Media player

The Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player can be very useful for some people, while for others it's just a novelty device. You really need to be a serious outdoorsman (or a frequent traveler to third-world countries) if you are thinking about purchasing this device, because it comes with a hefty MRSP of $350.


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