Trexa Platform Lets You Build Your Own Lithium Ion Powered Hybrid

One of the most often posed complaints surrounding electric vehicles is the look. While they may be much friendlier to the environment, some people just can't get over the styling. The new Trexa modular vehicle platform solves this problem by letting a buyer custom design their own all electric vehicle.

The centerpiece of the Trexa design is an all wheel drive llithium ion powered frame. Housed inside are all the crucial components needed to make your dream hybrid mobile. From a full charge, the battery stack can provide you with up to 105 miles of clean driving. This is, of course, dependant on the configuration you select.

If you prefer something a little sportier, the dual motors of the Trexa can launch the lightweight vehicle to 60mph in less than 8 seconds. They can also carry you to a top speed of about 100mph.

For those who would rather have a small pick-up configuration, the Trexa is able to offer a small cab with an equally small bed. There are no official numbers as far as capacity.

Expect to see a prototype version as early as the fourth quarter of this year, with working production models out within a few months after.

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Expand this for all models

Use this power chassis system for ALL makes & models cars, trucks.

Must have

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous


I am guessing the cost of same with upper chassis attached to be at least $26k +TTL
So it may meet some rich consumers fancy, but most people will need to sometimes drive more than 100 miles a which case its currently a useless piece of metal setting by the side of the road :(
Clearly for the next decade a hybrid of combusion/electric vehicle is the only way to go to meet the needs of the masses.

Feb 4, 2010
by Anonymous

clean ? when your power is

clean ? when your power is generated via nuclear coal etc.? hmmm maybe you feel clean in your suburb when driving it ,but don,t forget the battery s and power generation in the background ,conveniently away from your immediate surrounding hehehe