Tribot - How Can You Not Love Him?

Robot toys are big sellers these days and WowWee is at the head of the pack.  With such products as RoboPanda and RoboSapien under their belt, WowWee veered away from anthropomorphic design to create this little guy:


Standing 15 inches high, Tribot is quite interactive.

The robot gets its name from a unique three-wheeled mobility system.  Each wheel has multiple rollers placed in it, allowing Tribot to move in eight possible directions not only on hard surfaces, but also through carpet.

Tribot has multiple behaviors, such as Guard mode where it watches over an area with its sensors and sets off an alarm if someone (or something... like a cat) enters the room.  The alarm is quite screechy (downright annoying, in fact) and is sure to catch your attention.  This same alarm can be set like a clock; each time you hit Tribot's head adds another minute.  There's even a line-of-sight Homing Beacon mode that allows Tribot to find you.

Tribot talks... a lot.  It tells jokes, congratulates itself, and can be quite sarcastic.  It also has three games (Minefield, Maze, and Pattern) which are played via the remote.  Essentially all of these involve Tribot laying down a set of directions for you to navigate it through.  If you mess up, it "blows up."

The remote control looks sort'a like a TV remote crossed with a Wii-mote.  Buttons along the top allow for directional control... or you can push the "tilt trigger button."  This allows control of the Tribot's movement by simply tilting the remote.

Sounds pretty neat, huh?  And it is.  Here's a detailed walkthrough of the little guy's functions:

But not everyone finds Tribot to be entertaining.  Listen to this mother's tone of voice when describing the robot in Guard mode:

Something tells me that the poor little Tribot in that video "went missing" shortly thereafter.

Aside from the volume issue, Tribot appears to have one other little problem: it is a battery hog.  Utilizing a whopping eight AA batteries and three AAA batteries, powering this little guy ain't cheap.  And it chews through battery time quite rapidly.

But if you can take the noise and have rechargeable batteries, Tribot is quite a nifty toy - thanks to unique design, fun interactive modes, and ease of use.

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