Trick or Treat? Ghoulish Halloween Advertisements


Okay, so that's ineffective in this context... But, 'tis the season.  My favorite season of the year.

That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone following my blogs and other writings.  My humor is dark.  Couple that with a love for creepy movies and history, and you can see why Christmas just doesn't cut it for me.

The marketing engines don't disappoint around Halloween.  The season seems to give silent permission to come up with bizarre advertisements, to cut loose with the stuff that the ad guys & gals have been sitting on for most of the year.  It unleashes the inner ad-demon - sometimes to great effect.

Try to picture these advertisements at any other time during the year; sort of like they're the regular ad campaign of each company...


Halloween Ad # 1: Guinness

I love this.  Minimalist, cartoony and to the point.  An excellent example of the use of negative space an clarity.

As I write this, it's 9 AM - and I sort'a want a Guinness right now.  Guess the ad works!  I usually don't crave one until around noon...


Halloween Ad # 2: Wellington Zoo


Sort'a like a real life version of the Guinness ad...Sort'a like a real life version of the Guinness ad...

The Wellington Zoo has kid's sleep-over nights - which I think is really cool.  I would have loved spending the night at the zoo when I was a kid.

That being said... The idea of waking up and seeing THAT...  I don't think there's enough detergent in the world to clean out what I would do in my pants.


Halloween Ad # 3: Honda

Now I know what Batman drives on his days off.


Halloween Ad # 4: Burger King

This is just... wrong.  The idea of sentient tomatoes being hacked up by psychopaths is a bit disturbing.  I can just see little Billy in the kitchen hackin' up tomatoes (or kittens or his sister) with a machette, then blaming the ad when Mom freaks out.  I'm not sure something like this is totally positive for the company's image - particularly with such a large kid's demographic. 

But I could be wrong... It's cartoonish and kind'a fun in a twisted way.  My favorite character is the little green pickle guy in the street just to the right of the tree.


Halloween Ad # 5: Hobie Kayaks

Egad!  "Fishing Up Close and Personal" indeed!  While well executed, the blood sort'a pushes it over the edge for an advertisement.

That being said, I really like it as a painting... But, like the Burger King ad, I'm just not sure how good it is for the company's image...


Halloween Ad # 6: Hot Pockets

Holy s**t!  If that thing was shambling down the street towards me, I'd run like hell!  I don't care if it was my height or just regular chicken-sized!  Imagine the smell... the sloshing / cracking sound as it shuffles toward you...

I'd be leery of this product if that's what's inside the light, flaky pastry...


Halloween Ad # 7: Universal Studios, Hollywood - Halloween Horror Nights

I agree whole-heartedly.


Halloween Ad # 8: Harvey Nichols

Apparently Harvey Nichols is rolling out a new line of clothing for Autumn.  And they're sporting these clothes on life-sized voodoo doll / zombies.


Halloween Ad # 9: LG

It's 3 AM.  You're thirsty.  Not bothering to throw your robe over your tighty-whiteys, you amble down stairs to the kitchen.  You open the door to grab the OJ and are greeted with this:


I guess I'd say "Hi" to the guy on the TV screen before passing out.


Halloween Ad # 10: Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest

This is a great idea for a Halloween party (or in this case, a festival).  To get to your invitation you have to slit your own throat... at least the throat of your picture on the envelope.  Love the color of the invite itself...

Now THAT's a festival I'd love to attend!

SOURCE: Ads of the World