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Trick or Treat? Ghoulish Halloween Advertisements

Halloween Ad # 5: Hobie Kayaks

Egad!  "Fishing Up Close and Personal" indeed!  While well executed, the blood sort'a pushes it over the edge for an advertisement.

That being said, I really like it as a painting... But, like the Burger King ad, I'm just not sure how good it is for the company's image...


Halloween Ad # 6: Hot Pockets

Holy s**t!  If that thing was shambling down the street towards me, I'd run like hell!  I don't care if it was my height or just regular chicken-sized!  Imagine the smell... the sloshing / cracking sound as it shuffles toward you...

I'd be leery of this product if that's what's inside the light, flaky pastry...


Halloween Ad # 7: Universal Studios, Hollywood - Halloween Horror Nights

I agree whole-heartedly.