Trick or Treat? Ghoulish Halloween Advertisements

Halloween Ad # 8: Harvey Nichols

Apparently Harvey Nichols is rolling out a new line of clothing for Autumn.  And they're sporting these clothes on life-sized voodoo doll / zombies.


Halloween Ad # 9: LG

It's 3 AM.  You're thirsty.  Not bothering to throw your robe over your tighty-whiteys, you amble down stairs to the kitchen.  You open the door to grab the OJ and are greeted with this:


I guess I'd say "Hi" to the guy on the TV screen before passing out.


Halloween Ad # 10: Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest

This is a great idea for a Halloween party (or in this case, a festival).  To get to your invitation you have to slit your own throat... at least the throat of your picture on the envelope.  Love the color of the invite itself...

Now THAT's a festival I'd love to attend!

SOURCE: Ads of the World

John Barker
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