Trick Out Your Tank With These Toilet Graphics

If you're looking for a surefire way to make a splash (figuratively, of course) in the "WC," then these nifty vinyl stickers are for you. Forget that stupid furry toilet seat cover - those are just gross. These heavy-duty, vinyl decals are sure to "trick out your toilet" with their funky designs and unusual placement. The folks at the Vital shop on claim that these suckers will last for years, but come off easily with adhesive remover and a razor blade.

the life aquatic?the life aquatic?

And if you're not into bedecking your toilet tank, you could put them elsewhere - like your car, some other appliance, or even a wall. Choose from several, somewhat random themes, ranging from scuba divers and marine life to cowboys and 10-speeds.

howdy, pardnerhowdy, pardner

The stickers will adhere to most clean surfaces, but if you stick them to paint it's advised to use caution and a heat source like a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive before removal.

You can also find a fine selection of tee-shirts and wallets at their shop, with motifs similar to that of their decals.

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