Tricks and Treats for the Home for More Halloween Fun

Halloween is a great opportunity to let loose our inner mischief makers, terrorizing children and amusing adults with seasonal props. It's also a wonderful time to bedeck your abode with festive embellishments and have fun indulging in some kid-like novelties and hijinks everyone can enjoy.

So if you're planning an "All Hallows" soiree this year, here are some ideas for creating an appropriately eerie atmosphere.


Your great-aunt Berthie, maybe?Your great-aunt Berthie, maybe?











Haunted Portraits can help explain your weird familial tendencies, and add a wonderfully creepy vibe to any house décor. Each print, about $145, is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The effect is created completely without the use of batteries or any electrical devices. The change in the image is actually caused by a lenticular lense, mounted to a computer interlaced print, causing the image to change as the viewer's perspective shifts. Groovy. And definitely freaky.



Ghostly classicsGhostly classics


Another idea for sprucing up your holiday décor comes in the form of what appears to be a set of nondescript, classic hardbound novels, for those nights spent by the fire. That is, until Silas Marner becomes actively "possessed," sliding out from the stack while emitting ghostly noises. There goes that quiet night curled up with a good book!





what's in the punch?what's in the punch?Spice up your punchbowl with some handy dandy "lightcubes," and get yourself some of these in orange. These battery operated, 1" cubes are turned on and off by a push button, and are filled with an FDA-approved gel that freezes to help keep drinks cold. So liven up that punch bowl or place some in a jack ‘o' lantern for an ethereal glow.



the life of the party!the life of the party!





Don't forget to invite your friend Frank, who will move his arms and hips while emitting spooky noises. This five-foot tall party guest is sure to keep all amused with his witty banter. Just be sure to keep him plugged in, or he might turn into a real party pooper.








friend or foe?friend or foe?And no party would be complete without some spell-casting, so don your "Harry Potter Sorting Hat" and start sorting your friends and guests into their appropriate Hogwart houses. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? The hat runs on two AA batteries and will also spout quotes from Harry Potter movies. Measuring in at 20" high, this hat grants you unquestionable authority as a sorcerer. Now all you need is a magic wand!


So, let loose your inner little demons this season with these fun and slightly freaky props. You'll be sure to have the best party around town!


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