Trikelet: Motorized Folding Scooter


You can put a motor on just about anything wheeled nowadays. A scooter is no exception, and when you put a motor on a scooter you get a great way to commute to work. Make that motorized scooter foldable, and you can stow it just about anywhere. That's what the Trikelet is, a motorized, foldable scooter.

Putting Trikelet On The TrainPutting Trikelet On The Train

Not only is the Trikelet a great way to get around town and to get to work, you can fold it up to the size of a piece of luggage. That folding process takes just seconds; all you do is lift the handles and bring it into its folded position. There's no lifting and turning required to do this. Folded, you can also carry the Trikelet around like a wheeled bag.

Trikelet FoldedTrikelet Folded

Both the riding and stowing processes are easy and virtually effortless. The Trikelet was designed to offer a comfortable, sweat-free ride. If you happen to soil the vehicle while riding, it won't get you dirty when you stow it. The design allows you to fold the wheels inside the body which eliminates the risk of dripping mud or dirt getting on your clothes. 

As of now, the Trikelet is in its engineering stages. It's isn't yet ready to hit the market. However you can keep up with its progress and find out more about this product on the Trikelet site.