Trim Trolley Takes Off The Weight While You Grocery Shop

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Supermarket chain Tesco is launching the trim trolley this week, a trolley designed to help people work out while they shop!

Thanks to Wayne Asher who works for German company Wanzl; he and his team ascertained that most people in their busy lifestyles and hard working lives don’t usually have time for the gym.

But they do shop!

Trim Trolleys were born because of a global concern about weight and fitness. These trolleys give a work out, they’re heavier and the levels increase so they get harder and harder to push.

There are a variety of levels on the trolley and show pushers how much calories they are burning up on the screen.

According to most shoppers, after a while it feels like they are pushing a very heavy trolley.

It’s not as practical as a gym work out, but it will help those who are not doing any exercise at all.

As well as monitors displayed on the trolley to show the various levels and calories burned; this trolley has an added benefit.

It shows the pusher’s heart rate so may have the added benefit of steering pushers to reach for the healthier products in Tesco like fruit, vegetables rather than the cakes and ice creams.

And the ‘workout’ is equivalent to a 20 minute swim.

There are no guarantees but this trolley has screens, monitors and attachments – just another way to combat the global fear of obesity and health concerns.

Prototypes of Trim Trolleys are being introduced across Tesco’s supermarket chains to test out this new work out while you shop by the end of this week.

Elana Bowman
Guest Blogger


Oct 20, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


People are lazy. They go for the shopping cart in the store that's easiest to push, not the hard one. You don't want to make it hard anyway. Too many people already park their cart in the middle of an aisle while they look at the shelves. Don't give them any excuse to move it even less. With all that junk underneath the cart, you can't nest them together so they'll take up a lot more space near the entrance. Bad idea all around.

Oct 21, 2007
by Casual Adventurer (not verified)

Trolleys that help you

Damned straight...... Trolleys that give you a workout are great...... But I don't just want the easy to push trolley..... I want someone to invent a motorised trolley that can carry you around the supermarket without the need to exert any effort at all.... It could have a selection menu that would take you automatically to your desired Aisle....... "The chocolate bar section Please Mr Trolley...... "

Oct 22, 2007
by Gizmo (not verified)

What will they think of

What will they think of next!? Actually I park far away from the front door so that I have to walk to get to the store.