TripAdvisor & Social Media Expose Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels

TripAdvisor®, the world’s most trusted source of travel advice, announced recently the top 10 dirtiest hotels for 2010, based on TripAdvisor® traveler ratings for cleanliness. For the fifth consecutive year, TripAdvisor® reveals the truth about hotels around the world, and it ain't pretty!

TripAdvisor®, one of Web 2.0's pioneers in customer-generated feedback was one of the first to introduce a channel of unbiased hotel reviews to the world. When they first appeared on the scene way back in 2000, hoteliers learned quickly they could no longer hide behind slick glossy brochures or digitally enhanced Web sites.

The world of hospitality became transparent for all the world to see, and travelers no longer had to wait until check-in to determine if their selected hotel or resort's appearance and service did not match up to its propaganda. As a result, as long as prospective guests were savvy and did their homework in advance, the possibility of disappointment and surprise were reduced markedly.

However within the last five years, TripAdvisor® has moved up their game to actually produce a top ten list for the US, UK, Asia, Canada, Europe, France and Italy and have a designated Web site for prospective guests to view the "worst of the worst."

In 2009, they even ran a banner ad that quoted a TripAdvisor® member that stated: "I have 30 bites from bugs in room 919."
2009 TripAdvisor Dirtiest Hotels2009 TripAdvisor Dirtiest Hotels

The greatest surprise to me as to how serious TripAdvisor® was about denouncing the worst hostelries in the world is when I actually bumped into several of their employees on the streets of New York City dressed in none-other than "cockroach" costumes. Here is one friendly TA cockroach that was proud to be distributing flyers and referring people to their 'dirty'  Web site.

TripAdvisor Costumed Cockroaches on streets of NYCTripAdvisor Costumed Cockroaches on streets of NYC
This news report talks about the Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels in Virginia Beach, Virgina.

The Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels in the US ( that includes the Tropicana Resort from Virginia Beach reported in that video) is as follows:
I would only hope that hoteliers at these hotels are quickly making amends so that their hotels don't ever appear on this list again. It takes a lot of brand management to overcome this type of negative publicity which has only escalated due to the power of social media. The guest is now in the driver's seat and hoteliers need to know they can no longer hide their dirty laundry inside or outside of their establishments. Transparency is now king and having no "clean" rooms at the inn is unacceptable i n today's world ...particularly when prospective guests can see a hotel even before they ever reach the front desk.

January 31 Update - In the UK, TripAdvisor has received some flack from hoteliers not to pleased with their hotels showing up on their list of dirtiest hotels and accuse the review site of not thoroughly screening negative reviews. But according to TripAdvisor, "its Dirtiest Hotels list was based on a "proprietary algorithm" which included factors other than the anonymous reviews. In a statement, it said it used "automated tools" to detect fraud, as a well as a team of moderators."

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous

you should at the ocean

you should stay at the ocean plaza hotel myrtle beach sc.very nasty place stayed for four days they never cleaned the room the entire time.