Trisa Coffee To Go Offers Battery Operated Covenience On The Road


For coffee enthusiasts a day without coffee is, well… not really a day at all. Unfortunately, there are days when you’re running way behind schedule and there’s no time to make a pot of coffee before heading out the door. You can hit the local coffee house drive thru, but even that sometimes takes more time than you have to spare. So what’s a coffee addict to do? Go without? Yeah right! The Trisa Electronics Coffee to Go can save you from your coffee conundrum.

This travel ready espresso maker is battery operated and brews up to 16 cups of joe per battery charge. It uses ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods and comes with a carrying case, so it’s simple to pack up and take along. It would be great for people who travel a lot and hate the taste of hotel room coffee (a.k.a. everyone) or for campers. If you’re ultra busy and a hard-core coffee fanatic you could even keep the brewer in your car and make a cup while you’re still on the road. It also comes with a handy 12V car adaptor plug in case the battery juice runs out mid-brew.

So, are you ready to run out and get one? Sadly, this machine comes at a very hefty price. At right around $500, it’s a luxury that most of us java junkies will have to forgo for now. Ah well... maybe one day.  

Sources: CNet,Trisa Electronics