Trispecs Wrap Up All Your Gadgets In One Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

The more gadgets that we've come to rely upon, the more chance there is that they get cluttered and tangled to the point where they're frustrating to use. I don't know how many times I've reached down into my pocket trying desperately to silence a ringing cell phone only to be blocked by an MP3 player or wallet. While I didn't necessarily want to talk to that individual anyway, it was an annoying experience just the same.

The Trispecs created by Tri-Specs Inc. are a stylish pair of sunglasses that help eliminate the clutter. The sunglasses feature a bluetooth connectivity, headphones and dual microphones so that you can listen to your MP3 player and answer incoming calls without ever having to stick a hand in your pocket. Retractable ear buds on the ends of each ear socket make popping the headphones out to listen to the outside world seamless and easy without the worry of annoying cord-tangling. The ear buds also serve to turn the device on and off. MP3 and phone controls on either side allow for quick adjustment.

If the aforementioned functionality isn't enough, the Trispecs take it a step further and noise-cancelling technology and voice dialing. The device can isolate your voice out of the surrounding chaos and allow you to quickly dial a contact. People might look at you crosseyed as you stroll through town talking to your glasses, but let them look, you can smile with confidence knowing that soon everyone will catch on to this functional fashion trend. When it comes to the actual sunglasses, Trispecs include interchangeable polycarbonate lenses, 400 nm UV protection and RX compatibility.

The glasses will retail for $199 to $225 dollars--not too bad considering that they do a lot more than just block a few UVs. The great news is you can purchase them as we speak, available in a variety of colors, at the Trispecs Store   or on Amazon.

via: PopGadget

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